On the Road with Hamish: An Austrian Adventure with PaulCamper

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Travel is about the journey as much as the destination. It’s about the stories we gather, the memories we create, and the freedom to explore at our own pace. Today, we’re diving into a captivating tale of such a journey. We sat down with Hamish, an Australian content creator and photographer, who embarked on a mesmerising Roadtrip through the Austrian Alps. And what better way to traverse these majestic landscapes than in a campervan?

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On the Road with Hamish: An Austrian Adventure with PaulCamper
Paul Camper: Hey Hamish, I hope you are well! You are a stunning content creator. Would you like to introduce yourself in a couple of sentences?

Hamish: Hey, I’m Hamish, I’m an Australian based content creator and photographer with a big passion for the outdoors. I grew up in Tasmania where I developed a love for the mountains and capturing the outdoors. Over the past few years I have loved getting out and traveling to new places to take photos and capture the experiences. You can follow me and my work on instagram.

In July you did a PaulCamper roadtrip through the Austrian Alps  – was it the first time in Europe for you and why did you choose Austria as your destination?

This was my first time in Europe yeah! And wow was it a great introduction! The European alps have always been of interest to me for their crazy scenery. When looking into the areas I was really drawn to the idea of a road trip through southern Bavaria and western Austria as it is so jam packed with mountains. It did not disappoint.



On the Road with Hamish: An Austrian Adventure with PaulCamper
On the Road with Hamish: An Austrian Adventure with PaulCamper
So, Is Austria a good place for traveling with a campervan? Where did you spend your nights?

Absolutely! It is such an incredible place to drive around. For instance, we didn’t plan more than a day a head ever, and we’re continually blown away by just how pretty it was, driving into valleys past massive mountains. I think it’s great because you can wing it a little bit and never be disappointed in these areas. We spent nights in the Salzburg area, the Tyrol region and also the Voralberg region. Mostly night we’re in Tyrol and it was probably my favourite part camping it such breathtaking places.

I know it’s hard but what were your Top 3 highlights during your trip?

Yeah that is tough… I would have to say my top 3 were:

1) Mountain biking around the alp areas of St Anton where it snowed up in the mountains as I made my way up to one of the many alpine huts in the area

2) The Pitztal Valley. We came across this area sort of unwillingly and driving through it was insane. Massive mountains either side. We also did an awesome hike here up to one of the mountain huts and the views were superb

3) The lakes. Wow, we got excited whenever we saw a name on a road sign ending in ‘see’ as we knew it was a high chance of some crystal blue water. The lakes in the alps are so dreamy!“

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Why did you want to travel with a campervan?

Travelling with a camper van is always great as you can really play a trip exactly how you like, and it makes it easier to go with the flow. Whether that’s seeing an interesting valley and just driving in to see what’s there or a little bakery that catches your eye. I also love the homely feel and one space becoming somewhere you look forward to at the end of the day.

Thats so true! Which campervan did you rent and what did you like the most about it ?

We rented Emma, the 1984 T3 Volkswagen which was located in Berchtesgaden. I really loved the retro factor of this old school van. It was such a vibe amongst the Austrian country side and felt like a little step back in time (even if it wasn’t the fastest haha!). I also loved the amount of headroom in there with the high top roof. It made it super easy to stand up inside and have a lot of space to cook etc.

On the Road with Hamish: An Austrian Adventure with PaulCamper
On the Road with Hamish: An Austrian Adventure with PaulCamper
Do you think you would have missed something if you had not traveled in a campervan?

Honestly: think so for sure. It’s special not having to rely on public transport where you often see somewhere that catches your eye, and before you know it you’ve zipped past. There were so many little places like this that we came across and we’re little highlights in themselves.“

How was the whole ‚renting a van‘ experience for you?

I think PaulCamper is different in the fact that it feels very local, compared to other companies. You are renting a van from a person who actually lives and drives through that area and can give you tips etc. It’s very simple, you just work out a place to meet up, get a rundown of the van and away you go. The app makes it easy to contact the van owner in the lead up or while on the road.

On the Road with Hamish: An Austrian Adventure with PaulCamper
On the Road with Hamish: An Austrian Adventure with PaulCamper
That sounds like a awsome experience, so you would recommend PaulCamper to your friends and  followers?

Yeah very likely for sure. If I have friends travelling to Austria, Germany or the Netherlands I would definitely suggest they organize a van with PaulCamper. There’s plenty of vans to choose from depending on what you’re looking for, if various price ranges and setups.


How about you? Did you already plan your next trip? Maybe another road trip, haha?

Haha, no I haven’t quite yet… but I will be soon no doubt. I have some trips planned in my home state of Tasmania I am really looking forward to, and would also love to get in a road trip in New Zealand before the end of the year. New Zealand is another place that is just a dream for a road trip.

On the Road with Hamish: An Austrian Adventure with PaulCamper

Exited for your next Roadtrip?

Whether you’re dreaming of a Roadtrip through the Austrian Alps, the German autobahns, or the tulip fields of the Netherlands, PaulCamper is your gateway to an unforgettable adventure. Start yours now!


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